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Senior Backend Developer

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  • Developer since April 15, 2013
  • Languages Arabic, English (IELTS Certificate - B2 - Aug 2019), French

Hello! I’m Abed MAATALLA. Senior Backend Developer, Speaker and Coding trainer since 2012 😇. I am proud to be part of some great startups where I lead the technical team to achieve efficient and spectacular performances. I like the adventure of working in an international startup environment and demonstrate my skills with a creative team.


Event-driven programming, Domain-driven design, Clean Code, CQRS and SOLID principles has become one of the most important aspect of my daily programming habit.


Main Skills 💾 : Python, AWS, Clean Architecture, DevOps (Docker), SQL, Object-Oriented Programming, version control (Git ), Amazon Web Services (S3 ), Google APIs (Google cloud storage, Google maps, Google analytics...).


Languages: French (full professional proficiency), English (full professional proficiency)


Interests: Music 🎼(guitar, bass, recording), Martial Arts 🏃🏽(Kongfu), Yoga and Meditation.


  • Passionate about complex IT architectures and problem solving with an eternally bold mind.
  • T-Shaped skills with strong focus on backend development. Agile team work adept. Open-minded, fast learner and keen on finding creative solutions to problems.
  • Strong testing culture, unit testing and automated system testing.
  • Shipping complex new features at high velocity 📆 and high quality 🔎 to improve product offering.
  • Familiar with front-end (e.g. Angular 8+, Bootstrap, Material Design, JavaScript, and CSS)
  • Methodologies: Agile (GROWS, SCRUM, XP...)

Professional Skills


My Experience

  • Third Era

  • September/2020 - May/2022

    Senior Backend Developer at CodaBene (Paris)

    Monitoring system, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, Python, Unit Test, Git, Heroku, Coralogix, NewRelic, Sentry, Restful api

    CodaBene helps manufacturers and retailers reduce food waste and strengthen product traceability by digitizing the management of expiry dates and batch numbers.


    • Fixed a performance issue on a query. This query is the main query in the Codabene system. Along with indexes, I optimized the join by replacing it with a union to use both table indexes on timestamp to avoid filter on contact attributes between tables. This fix saved a lot of time and also the reputation of the company as it was in the test phase.
    • I create a model to help the asynchronous part of the project to treat requests synchronously in certain conditions. Which will help to treat data correctly and avoid discrepancies of data.
    • Codabene introduced a new feature that will necessitate a huge change on the backend and app. After research I proposed a new implementation based on date format to help us reach the goal without changing the existing logic and that will help save months of testing and debugging.
    • Onboarding new members has been always a hard task and take longer time. The new architecture of the project help us a lot. "it's the first time new member create his first pull request in two days." manager said.
    • Lauréat 2021 des Trophées LSA
    • Prix ESSEC pour notre collaboration avec Enseignes Casino 🎖️

    Year 1:

    • Optimize queries
    • Build scalable features
    • Rebuilt existing feature
    • Take the project from POC to production : from 40 clients to more than 700 clients and mantaining the same quality of performance.
    • Designing and modeling the monitoring system.
    • Collecting data from different sources (Csv, execel and externals apis)
    • Reporting system (Emails, Dashboard)
    • Analytics system (Data science)

    Year 2:

    • Auto scale resources
    • Elastic search
    • CI/CD
    • Docker
    • High performance on database of ~300GB
    • Architecte the project into singal responsability files
    • Backend architecture and design

  • Juin/2020 - August/2020

    Lead Software Developer at Djiant (Paris)

    Complex IT architecture, structure and Data modeling, IS, Django, Python, Git, Docker, Angular 8+, React, Big-data, Restful api

    Djiant offer to community leaders such as chambers of commerce, professional associations, specialized press, regional press, TechnoParks, Clusters, a broad range of Industry... an opportunity to network together, create content and audiences on a very large scale and take the lead on the web. Djiant is a SaaS platform that aims to transform management of BtoB communities on the web, and enable its customers to take back control of their visibility, content and online revenues.

    • Designing and modeling complex web architecture.
    • Specialized search engine
    • Launch servers for each community leader
    • Crawl data and keep it updated
    • Publishing system to help them reach more audience
    • Scrapping and validation of data
    • Analytics system to have more control on the web
  • Second Era

  • May/2018 - May/2020

    Full-stack Developer at Nucleus (Marseille)

    Microservice, Restful api, Python, Git, Docker, PHP, Angular 4+, API Gateway, Bootstap

    Blogging, affiliates system and SEO platform for companies. This project is based on microservices with Docker.

    Year 2:

    • Deployment management of CRMs (Wordpress with a single click).
    • POC to production : from few clients and a lot of manual tasks to larger number of clients and automating more tasks
    • Optimize performance and reduce incidence

    Year 1:

    • Content management on CRMs.
    • User management (editors, proofreaders and managers).
    • Payment management (Stripe and Paypal).
    • Invoice management (
  • March/2018 - May/2018 - link to blog

    Global Entrepreneur at AIESEC TUNISIA

    Django, Python, Postgresql, Restful api, Leaflet, Bootstap

    Exchange of ideas and visions on future IT worldwide and MENA region. Proposal of a web and mobile solution for artisans whose goal is to find better opportunities.

    • Web solution (Django).
    • Mobile solution (IONIC 3).
  • April/2017 - March/2018

    Full-stack Developer at Groupe LaBelle (Algeria)

    Django (Python), Docker, Restful API, Postgresql, Bootstrap, Android, IONIC, Leaflet, Bootstap, Git and linux.

    Management system for several warehouses in Algeria with an analysis system.

    • Stock management
    • User Management
    • Invoice management
    • Purchase / sales management
    • Order management
    • Vendor management (mobile app)
    • Geolocation
  • August/2016 - April/2017

    Full-stack Developer at BBOKRASHOP (Algeria)

    Laravel, MySQL, Restful api, Android, Java, Google maps, Git, Bootstap, Ecommerce

    Set up a discount card for different stores, Affiliate platform for different stores.

    • Purchase reduction card
    • User management
    • Geolocation of shops
    • Reduction management
  • First Era

  • June/2015 - July/2016

    Web developer and game developer at Djaitland (Algeria)

    Laravel, MySQL, Restful api, Unit 3D, Google maps, Git, Bootstap

    Set up park management system. A dedicated educational innovation platform for educational parks.

    • User management(children, parents, teachers).
    • Newsletters management
    • School programs management.
    • Management of visits to the park.
  • ~/2013 - June/2015


    Freelancing is good to do more than you have to do in normal job because I had to manage time, tasks, respond to clients need and choose the right technology and above all is how to manage stress. Freelancing allows me to Work on different projects where I learned a lot and build a strong relation with other developers.

My Interest

Listen music, watching movies, playing games, traveling, vlogging and volunteering.

  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Photo
  • Apps
  • Traveling
  • Movies


  • Languages
    1. IELTS Certificate - B2 - August/2019
  • Entrepreneur
    1. AIESEC Global Entrepreneur in Ionic mobile development
  • Trainer
    1. DevFest ( Chlef) 2013, 2014 & 2015.
    2. DevCamp ( Chlef & Algiers) 2014 & 2015.
    3. Java Party & Html Party ( Chlef) 2015.
    4. Mobile apps concept workshop ( Chlef )2015.
    5. Startup Academy ( Chlef & Algiers) 2015.
    6. Berlitz Algiers 2015.
  • Speaker
    1. I/O Extended ( Chlef) 2013, 2014 & 2015.
    2. Mozilla Day ( Chlef) 2015.
    3. Gamers IN ( Chlef) 2015.
  • Participant
    1. BeMyApp ( Oran) 2013.
    2. HacktheHakaton ( Algiers) 2013, 1st Place in health care.

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