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  • Developer since April 15, 2013
  • Languages Arabic, English (IELTS Certificate - B2 - Aug 2019), French

Greetings! I'm Abed MAATALLA, a Senior Backend Developer, Speaker, and Coding Trainer with a remarkable decade-long journey in the field. I take pride in my ability to lead technical teams in diverse international startup settings, consistently delivering exceptional results.

My passion lies in tackling complex IT architectures, employing innovative problem-solving, and collaborating with creative teams to showcase my skills. My daily programming rituals are centered around state-of-the-art practices like event-driven programming, Domain-driven design, Clean Code, CQRS, and adherence to SOLID principles.

My technical proficiency extends to a wide array of tools and languages, including Python, AWS, Clean Architecture, DevOps (Docker), SQL, Object-Oriented Programming, version control (Git), Amazon Web Services (S3), Google APIs (Google cloud storage, Google maps, Google analytics), and Agile methodologies (GROWS, SCRUM, XP). While my primary focus is on backend development, my T-shaped skillset also encompasses front-end technologies such as Angular 8+, Bootstrap, Material Design, JavaScript, and CSS.

I am proficient in both French and English, and outside of work, I nurture diverse interests, including music, martial arts, yoga, and meditation. My open-minded nature and quick learning abilities drive me to explore creative solutions to complex problems. I have a robust testing culture, emphasizing unit testing and automated system testing, allowing us to roll out intricate new features with swiftness and top-notch quality, enhancing our product offerings.

As a dedicated team player, I thrive in fast-paced environments, consistently delivering results. I'm enthusiastic about channeling my skills and extensive experience into fresh challenges within the software domain.

Professional Skills

Data Scienece/ML

My Experience

  • Third Era

  • August/2022 - Now

    Senior Software Engineer at ORACLE CORPORATION

    As a Senior Developer at Oracle, I contributed significantly to the success of various projects, demonstrating expertise in software development and system optimization. My responsibilities included designing, implementing, and maintaining critical data pipelines while utilizing a tech stack that comprised Typescript, Python, Database, and Git.

    • Performance Improvement: Successfully resolved a critical performance issue in a main query (Oracle Notation VS ANSI Notation), saving valuable time for the company and preserving its reputation during the testing phase.
    • Architecting Robust APIs: Exhibited proficiency in crafting sophisticated API designs, facilitating seamless communication between components and fostering cohesive software ecosystems.
    • Collaborative Design Innovation: Played a pivotal role in collaborating with Product Owners (PO) and User Experience (UX) teams, contributing valuable ideas and insights to improve the overall design of the software. This collaborative effort resulted in a more user-friendly and visually appealing product.
    • Knowledge Sharing Leadership: Initiated and conducted multiple training sessions to share knowledge within the team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development.
    • Cost Optimization Initiative: Spearheaded the initiative to remove a costly library (EXT.js), both in terms of time and money, showcasing a keen eye for resource optimization and efficiency. This initiative contributed to significant cost savings and streamlined development processes.

  • May/2022 - August/2022

    Senior Developer at ScaleXP (London)

    ScaleXP is a smart finance automation that saves up to 5-days per month and provides insights to drive growth.

    As a Senior Backend Developer at ScaleXP in London, I was responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the data piplines, as well as building scalable features and optimizing queries using Django, Celery, Redis, Python, and Git. During my time at ScaleXP, I successfully tackled several key challenges:

    • Strategic System Optimization: Proficiently detected and mitigated system bottlenecks through insightful analysis, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency and performance.
    • Architecting Robust APIs: Demonstrated expertise in crafting sophisticated API designs, fostering seamless communication between components and empowering cohesive software ecosystems.
    • I fixed a performance issue on a main query, saving the company valuable time and preserving its reputation during the testing phase.
    • I created a new model to help the asynchronous part of the project treat requests synchronously, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
    • Scaling was the fancy word in our team. My focus was how to build a scallable features. I was able to apply some of the design parterns to help in scalling the features in the future such as Factory pattern and Adapter pattern.

  • September/2020 - May/2022

    Senior Backend Developer at CodaBene (Paris)

    CodaBene helps manufacturers and retailers reduce food waste and strengthen product traceability by digitizing the management of expiry dates and batch numbers.

    As a Senior Backend Developer at CodaBene in Paris, I was responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the monitoring system, as well as building scalable features and optimizing queries using Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, Python, and Git. During my time at CodaBene, I successfully tackled several key challenges:

    • I fixed a performance issue on a main query, saving the company valuable time and preserving its reputation during the testing phase.
    • I created a new model to help the asynchronous part of the project treat requests synchronously, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
    • I proposed a new implementation based on date format that helped us introduce a new feature without changing the existing logic, saving months of testing and debugging.
    • I helped onboard new team members more quickly by implementing a new architecture for the project that reduced the time it takes to create a first pull request to just two days.
    • I played a key role in the company's recognition, including winning the 2021 Trophées LSA award and the ESSEC prize for our collaboration with Enseignes Casino.

    In Year 1 of my role, I optimized queries, rebuilt existing features, and helped take the project from POC to production, maintaining the same quality of performance as we scaled from 40 clients to over 700 clients. I also designed and modeled the monitoring system, collected data from different sources (Csv, Excel, and external APIs), and implemented a reporting system (emails, dashboard) and an analytics system (data science).

    In Year 2, I continued to expand my expertise by automating resource scaling, using ElasticSearch, implementing CI/CD, using Docker, achieving high performance on a database of approximately 300GB, and architecting the project into single responsibility files.

    Overall, my experience at CodaBene demonstrates my expertise in backend architecture and design, as well as my ability to solve complex problems and deliver high-quality results in a fast-paced startup environment.

  • Juin/2020 - August/2020

    Lead Software Developer at Djiant (Paris)

    Complex IT architecture, structure and Data modeling, IS, Django, Python, Git, Docker, Angular 8+, React, Big-data, Restful api

    Djiant offer to community leaders such as chambers of commerce, professional associations, specialized press, regional press, TechnoParks, Clusters, a broad range of Industry... an opportunity to network together, create content and audiences on a very large scale and take the lead on the web. Djiant is a SaaS platform that aims to transform management of BtoB communities on the web, and enable its customers to take back control of their visibility, content and online revenues.

    As a Lead Software Developer at Djiant, I was responsible for designing and modeling the complex IT architecture, structure, and data modeling of the platform. I utilized my skills in IS, Django, Python, Git, Docker, Angular 8+, React, big-data, and RESTful API to develop a specialized search engine and launch servers for each community leader.

    Additionally, I worked on implementing a crawling system to keep the data updated and a publishing system to help community leaders reach a wider audience. I also implemented a scrapping and validation system to ensure data quality and consistency. Finally, I designed and developed an analytics system to give the Djiant team more control and insights into their platform's performance.

    Throughout my time at Djiant, I demonstrated my ability to work with complex IT architectures and data models, while also working closely with community leaders to understand their needs and develop solutions that met their specific requirements. My contribution helped Djiant to transform the management of BtoB communities on the web and enabled its customers to take back control of their visibility, content, and online revenues.

  • Second Era

  • May/2018 - May/2020

    Full-stack Developer at Nucleus (Marseille)

    Microservice, Restful api, Python, Git, Docker, PHP, Angular 4+, API Gateway, Bootstap

    Blogging, affiliates system and SEO platform for companies. This project is based on microservices with Docker.

    At Nucleus, I worked on a microservices-based project aimed at providing a blogging, affiliates system, and SEO platform for companies. My responsibilities included content management, user management, payment management, and invoice management. In my second year, I focused on optimizing performance, reducing incidence, and automating tasks to accommodate the growing number of clients. I also spearheaded the deployment management of CRMs (Wordpress) with a single click, which led to increased efficiency and productivity.

    During my tenure, I gained expertise in microservice architecture, Restful API design, and containerization with Docker. I also worked with a wide range of technologies, including Python, Git, PHP, Angular, and Bootstrap. My contribution to the project helped to ensure high-quality standards and improved customer satisfaction.

    As a result of my work, I successfully brought the project from proof-of-concept to production and achieved a significant increase in the number of clients served. My experience at Nucleus has honed my skills in project management, team collaboration, and problem-solving.

  • March/2018 - May/2018 - link to blog

    Global Entrepreneur at AIESEC TUNISIA

    Django, Python, Postgresql, Restful api, Leaflet, Bootstap

    As a Global Entrepreneur at AIESEC Tunisia, I collaborated with diverse teams of individuals from around the world to exchange ideas and visions on future IT trends worldwide and in the MENA region. During this period, I led the development of a web and mobile solution aimed at creating better opportunities for artisans.

    Using my expertise in Django, Python, Postgresql, Restful API, Leaflet, and Bootstrap, I proposed and executed the development of the web and mobile solutions. The web solution, built using Django, provided artisans with a platform to showcase their crafts and connect with potential customers. The mobile solution, built using IONIC 3, allowed artisans to access the platform on-the-go and manage their businesses more efficiently.

    Through this experience, I gained invaluable experience in leading cross-functional teams, creating innovative solutions, and delivering results in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. My role as a Global Entrepreneur at AIESEC Tunisia helped me develop skills in communication, leadership, and problem-solving, which I continue to apply in my work today.

  • April/2017 - March/2018

    Full-stack Developer at Groupe LaBelle (Algeria)

    Django (Python), Docker, Restful API, Postgresql, Bootstrap, Android, IONIC, Leaflet, Bootstap, Git and linux.

    As a full-stack developer at Groupe Labelle, I was responsible for developing a comprehensive management system for several warehouses in Algeria. This system featured an analysis tool that provided valuable insights into business operations. I was able to leverage my expertise in Django, Restful API, and Postgresql to create a highly effective solution.

    My responsibilities included:
    • Stock management to ensure optimal inventory levels and minimize waste.
    • User management to control access to the system and ensure data privacy.
    • Invoice management to streamline billing and payment processes.
    • Purchase/sales management to track orders and sales performance.
    • Order management to manage the flow of goods within the warehouse.
    • Vendor management through a mobile app, to simplify communication and transactions with suppliers.
    • Geolocation features to facilitate tracking and monitoring of inventory.
    • By implementing these features, I was able to provide the company with a comprehensive solution that streamlined their warehouse operations and improved overall efficiency.
  • August/2016 - April/2017

    Full-stack Developer at BBOKRASHOP (Algeria)

    Laravel, MySQL, Restful api, Android, Java, Google maps, Git, Bootstap, Ecommerce

    As a Full-Stack Developer at BBokraShop, I developed an affiliate platform for different stores, as well as a purchase reduction card system for various shops. I was responsible for:

    • Designing and implementing a discount card system for different stores
    • Developing a user management system to handle user profiles, authentication, and authorization
    • Implementing geolocation of shops to help users locate stores near them
    • Building a reduction management system to manage the discount card program
  • First Era

  • June/2015 - July/2016

    Web developer and game developer at Djaitland (Algeria)

    Laravel, MySQL, Restful api, Unit 3D, Google maps, Git, Bootstap

    As a web and game developer at Djaitland, I was responsible for developing a park management system and an educational innovation platform for educational parks. My key responsibilities included:

    • Developing the park management system using Laravel, MySQL, and Restful API.
    • Building a 3D educational innovation platform using Unity 3D, Google Maps API, and Bootstrap.
    • Implementing user management system for children, parents, and teachers.
    • Creating a newsletter management system for park updates and announcements.
    • Developing and managing school programs and activities.
    • Managing and organizing visits to the park for various educational institutions.
  • ~/2013 - June/2015


    As a freelancer, I had the opportunity to work on various projects and manage my time, tasks, and clients' needs effectively. This experience taught me how to choose the right technology for each project and how to manage stress in a fast-paced environment. It also allowed me to build strong relationships with other developers and gain valuable experience in different fields. Through my freelancing work, I honed my skills in project management, communication, and problem-solving, and I'm excited to bring these skills to any new opportunities.

My Interest

Listen music, watching movies, playing games, traveling, vlogging and volunteering.

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  • Languages
    1. IELTS Certificate - B2 - August/2019
  • Entrepreneur
    1. AIESEC Global Entrepreneur in Ionic mobile development
  • Trainer
    1. DevFest ( Chlef) 2013, 2014 & 2015.
    2. DevCamp ( Chlef & Algiers) 2014 & 2015.
    3. Java Party & Html Party ( Chlef) 2015.
    4. Mobile apps concept workshop ( Chlef )2015.
    5. Startup Academy ( Chlef & Algiers) 2015.
    6. Berlitz Algiers 2015.
  • Speaker
    1. I/O Extended ( Chlef) 2013, 2014 & 2015.
    2. Mozilla Day ( Chlef) 2015.
    3. Gamers IN ( Chlef) 2015.
  • Participant
    1. BeMyApp ( Oran) 2013.
    2. HacktheHakaton ( Algiers) 2013, 1st Place in health care.

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