Sweaka E-commerce

 Sweaka is an Algerian express delivery application for local businesses, most popular service is to give access for local business to enter e-commerce journey and sell their goods to final clients. 

Sweaka connects final clients with local business through an application for Android and iOS smartphones with DJANGO backend. Anywhere and anytime, by selecting only the list of products they want and proceed order.

Driver app is an app for driver to pickup orders and delivers them. It's base on geo-localization of driver, stores around him and if he is able to take this order.

Ware house order management system to organize orders, deliverers and list products for sale.


  1. From this post, it is clear that Sweaka is reliable and helpful delivery application for e-commerce businesses. It has both an android & iOS application with DJANGO backend.

    Similar to Sweaka, I have used robust e-commerce CMS solutions to build my e-commerce website. It has 6 different products for multivendor and single-vendor e-commerce businesses Laravel and Flutter Framework-based multi-vendor food, grocery, eCommerce, parcel, and pharmacy delivery system. It has six modules to cover all your business functionality.

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