DJIANT - specialized search engine for communities -

Clients: leaders of professional communities; chambers of commerce, professional associations, specialized press, regional press, technoparks, Clusters, a broad range of Industry...

Issue: management and animation of a professional community is an expensive, complicated and difficult activity to turn into a profit center.

Solution: Djiant, a SaaS platform that reinvents the management of professional communities.

- An "all-in-one" service: hosting, data, promotion, canvassing...
- A shared platform for drastically reduced operating costs.
- Internationally networked: stronger interconnected communities, together.
- A range of innovative services offered to businesses.

Djiant wants to offer community leaders the opportunity to network together, create content and audiences on a very large scale and take the lead on the web. Together.
Djiant's mission is to help BtoB community leaders take the lead on the web with radical innovations.

Djiant is a SaaS platform that aims to transform management of BtoB communities on the web, and enable its customers to take back control of their visibility, content and online revenues.


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