Craft-hand platform "Fkerli"

Now days, Looking for qualified craftsmen required a lot of searching or a recommendation from a friend. Even that is not enough, you might find that this worker is not available all this work to come fix something that required a few minutes of work. 

Fkerli is a platform for craftsmen to help them explore the market and for users to help them find what is best for them in their city.
This way even people who have moved to new places or tourists can get help easily and instantly.

Our main goal:
  • Create a platform for craftsmen to show their previous work, as well as the bio and review from other users. 
  • Give chance for craftsmen to find new and better opportunities.
  • Help users to find qualified craftsmen for specific problem. 
  • Custom search for availability and cost for each every problem. 
Application accounts:
  • Particular
  • Artisan
  • Admin
  • Django
  • google maps
  • Social login
  • RESTful API


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