My 100 hours Challenge is 4 days of coding

I had this idea for quite a while now, of building a website for selling and renting properties. This project it's not new and not innovative but a lot of agencies are suffering because of lack of advertising and in the other side a client is suffering too trying to find a nice house to rent or to buy. 

I had the opportunity to start this project this weekend, as a challenge to finish this project in 100 hours. It's mental challenge more than a physical challenge. I set the challenge deadline in 100 hours because I know the business and I know exactly what I need and how it will looks like. 

In order for me to finish this project in 100 hours, I design a road to follow starting from the main problem which is property. I start writing down all the attributes needed to describe a property, price, area, property type, description and all the features of property. 

Till now, I was not able to start coding yet. So, I write down all other components need for this project.

Main component were:
  • Auth
  • Property
  • Agent profile
  • Particular profile 
  • Agency 
  • Admin
  • Search and filtering the results
To connect those components I need some scenarios to know the relation between components and how they need to interact and exchange information.

Scenarios were:
  • Properties could be rent or sell and has all other attributes I wrote.
  • Particular can manage his own properties 
  • Agency can manage its own properties 
  • Each agent represent an agency.
  • Admin can manage all actors ( particular, agents, properties and custom website)
  • Each actor has basic use of the website rating, review or contacting other actors to rent or sell properties.
Because it's one weekend and I need to build something fast, secure and with all the necessary features I bought a theme. Then, I chose the technologies that will help me the most.

Technologies & Technics:
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • Django
  • Mysql
  • Restful
  • Google maps
I have learned a lot on how to manage time, over come inspected events during execution and set a mental mind set to finish the in time.

I am proud to say that I finished the challenge in less then 100 hours including sleeping time and resting time in the 100 hours. Next weekend, I will launch the project. 

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